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About Españolé School

Españolé School stands as one of the finest Spanish language learning institutions in Valencia, known for its exceptional location and design. Situated in the heart of the city within a meticulously restored historic palace, the school retains the charm of its historical past. Inside, Españolé features remnants of the ancient Arab walls that surrounded Valencia in the 11th century, including a part of Puerta de la Culebra. Students at Españolé not only learn the beautiful history of Valencia but also enjoy spacious and luminous areas where they engage in various activities, laughter, enthusiasm, and fun with fellow students and teachers.

All classrooms at the school are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and supportive educational materials to make the Spanish language learning experience both enriching and enjoyable. The outdoor courtyards and terraces serve as recreational areas for moments of relaxation and fun with friends. Additionally, the Spanish language instructors at Españolé are among the best in Spanish language schools, renowned for their creativity and excellence.

Accredited by Instituto Cervantes

Spanish levels: A1 to C2

Spanish Level Placement Test: Required and administered by the school

Preparatory/Foundation Year for Spanish Universities Admission

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Spanish Language Courses at Españolé School

Intensive Spanish course (20h/week)

Intensive Spanish course (25-30h/week)

Intensive Plus Spanish Course (20h/week + 5 Private classes)

Super intensive (20h/weekly + 5 private classes + 5 specialized classes)

Preparation for DELE official Spanish exam

Preparation for SIELE official Spanish exam

Private classes

Online Spanish courses

Spanish & cooking

Family programme

Spanish teacher training for non-native teachers

Weekly Activities at Españolé School

At Españolé Spanish School, every course comes with three complimentary weekly activities. Immerse yourself in the charm and rich history of Valencia with weekly city walks, experience the beauty of beach trips at sunset, and participate in various sports activities. Additionally, enjoy museum visits, dance lessons, tapas tours, and other events and activities held throughout the week. Españolé ensures a vibrant and engaging experience beyond the classroom, providing a holistic approach to language learning and cultural exploration.

Student housing options

Shared Accommodation

Españolé Spanish School offers the option of shared housing with other students or Spanish hosts. Comfortable apartments with a fully equipped shared kitchen and bathrooms. Students can choose between a double room (shared with another student) or a single room.

Living with a Family

Españolé Spanish School carefully selects host families to ensure students feel at home. This accommodation option includes daily meals with the family, with the choice between half-board (including breakfast and dinner) and full-board (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Private Accommodation

For those seeking more independence and privacy during their stay, there is the option to book a private studio or a complete apartment. All private apartments and studios are modern, fully equipped, and centrally located in the city.​

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