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Spain’s third-largest city and an ideal haven for a vibrant student life. Situated on the eastern coast, approximately 350 kilometers south of Barcelona, Valencia boasts five major universities, including the University of Valencia with over 50,000 students. Ranked 87th among the world’s best student cities, Valencia’s Ciutat Vella is adorned with stunning architecture, historical landmarks, lively restaurants, and bustling cafes.

Valencia, home to the famous Spanish dish paella and the tapas culture, hosts the renowned Les Falles festival annually in March, featuring the spectacular burning of giant sculptures. The city is also the venue for the international Benicàssim Festival, one of Europe’s largest music festivals. Who hasn’t heard of “La Tomatina”, the annual tomato-throwing festival near Valencia?

Among the city’s iconic attractions is Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Spain’s treasure trove, featuring Europe’s largest suspended aquarium and a host of gardens, cinemas, museums, and art centers.

Valencia’s extensive and efficient public transportation network, including metro, tram, buses, and trains, makes commuting a breeze. The city prioritizes cycling, offering an extensive bike infrastructure and affordable yearly bike-sharing subscriptions. Valencia is well-connected to major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona through advanced transportation options like high-speed trains and buses.

Enjoying the sun on the beach is a delightful post-class activity, with easy beach access from any part of the city. In spring and summer, students can engage in numerous beach and near-beach activities, adding to the vibrant student experience in Valencia.

Spanish Language Schools in Valencia

Españole school

Taronja school

Costa de Valencia school

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