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About Speakeasy

Speakeasy School is one of the premier institutions for learning Spanish in the heart of Barcelona, boasting over 22 years of experience in teaching the language to non-native speakers. Ideally situated in the vibrant city center, near Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla, the school enjoys proximity to lively areas with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, it is conveniently located near 3 central metro stations, a train station, and more than 25 different bus routes.

Each year, Speakeasy School welcomes more than 1000 international students, making it an ideal hub for cultural exchange among individuals from various countries worldwide. The school ensures excellent teaching quality, high-level services, and adopts an interactive, communicative, and practical approach for Spanish learning.

Spanish classes help students to immerse in Spanish culture and facilitate effective and rapid learning of vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and pronunciation for proficient Spanish communication. Speakeasy offers advanced Spanish courses for individuals and groups, using the latest technologies and tools available nowadays.

Speakeasy School is also an accredited center for administering internationally recognized Spanish language tests, including DELE and SIELE. The school employs a highly qualified team of Spanish language teachers with years of experience in teaching foreigners. Statistics indicate that over 50% of the school’s students come through recommendations from former students who praised the school’s system and its faculty.

Accredited by Instituto Cervantes

Spanish levels: A1 to C2

Spanish Level Placement Test: Required and administered by the school

Preparatory/Foundation Year for Spanish Universities Admission

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Spanish Language Courses at Speakeasy School

Super-intensive 30h per week Course

Intensive 20h per week Course

Immersive 20h per week Course

Semi-intensive 10h per week Course

Semi-intensive Evening 4h per week Course

Combined 24h per week Course

Combined 12h per week Course

Immersive Spanish 20h per week Long-term Course

Accelerated Spanish 20h per week Long-term Course

Online course in a group

DELE Exam Preparation Course

Private classes

Conversation classes

Online private lessons

Weekly Activities at Speakeasy School

Speakeasy offers weekly optional activities as part of your Spanish learning course. These activities are designed for you to practice your Spanish outside of regular class hours and to get to know your fellow course participants and teachers. Conducted by Speakeasy School teachers, these optional activities are entirely free of charge.

Speakeasy School fosters a vibrant and dynamic environment that goes beyond being just a Spanish language school. As an integral part of the comprehensive learning program, the school offers a variety of activities for enrolled students. The school’s activities coordinator accompanies students in all events and activities to ensure they always feel comfortable and secure.

Weekly activities include gatherings in cafés and bars, watching football matches at Camp Nou stadium, bike tours, cooking classes, boat trips, weekend excursions to nearby cities (such as Madrid, Ibiza, Zaragoza, Valencia, France, Andorra, and more), and various other engaging activities.

Student housing options

Shared Accommodation

Speakeasy Spanish School offers the option of shared housing with other students or Spanish hosts. Comfortable apartments with a fully equipped shared kitchen and bathrooms. Students can choose between a double room (shared with another student) or a single room.

Living with a Family

Speakeasy Spanish School carefully selects host families to ensure students feel at home. This accommodation option includes daily meals with the family, with the choice between half-board (including breakfast and dinner) and full-board (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Private Accommodation

For those seeking more independence and privacy during their stay, there is the option to book a private studio or a complete apartment. All private apartments and studios are modern, fully equipped, and centrally located in the city.​

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